Warp and Weft🌹

“Warp” → Threads that run lengthwise on the loom

“Weft” → threads that are woven across the warp threads

“Warp and Weft” → the two sets of threads that are interlaced to create fabric on a loom

Lana Ogneva - TREES - Fashion’s Future
Lana Ogneva - TREES - Fashion’s Future

Whispers of Essence🌹 is last week's piece in which I discussed the intersection of digital, AI, and on-chain fashion, highlighting how they not only capture fashion's essence but also have the potential to amplify it. Towards the end of that article, I touched upon the emergence of digital fashion as a platform for cultivating the next leading brands and designers. I would even say that the next big brands and designers in fashion are either already thriving within the digital realm or have yet to emerge.

Feeling compelled to delve deeper into this subject, I find it a must to emphasize one of the most significant aspects of digital fashion: its ability to democratize the industry. This aspect is not just significant but truly astonishing. Therefore, this article serves not merely as an ode to the future role of digital fashion but also as a guide for aspiring fashion designers and enthusiasts seeking to make their mark within this evolving industry. ( my thoughts – not the “right” path )

Attending fashion schools in renowned fashion capitals like New York, Milan, or Paris, acquiring relevant certifications, and garnering recognition from established designers or brands are just a few elements one may need to eventually become a Creative Director for a leading fashion house. While it's possible to achieve this without formal education or validation, it often requires significant financial resources and the right connections—resources not readily available to all aspiring fashion designers.

This has been something that has been on my mind for a while: the idea that someone possessing great talent and vision for fashion may not become an acknowledged fashion designer simply because they lack the financial means or connections to pursue the traditional path. This idea has always stirred within me a sense of injustice, evoking feelings of anger and disappointment. However, everything changed once I discovered digital fashion.

My initial immersion into the Web 3 world was through fashion, and among other things, digital fashion captured my attention the most. I became obsessed with it, and in my journey of learning and understanding more about it, I realized that it offers a pathway for people passionate about fashion to make their mark. Digital fashion has the potential to breathe life into the next generation of fashion leaders, encompassing both brands and designers.

I've come to understand that digital fashion serves as a gateway to the fashion industry, allowing people to establish themselves as designers of merit, offering a means to challenge norms, and providing a pathway to creating a lasting legacy without relying on certifications, financial resources, or external validation. It's a source of hope, allowing others to pursue their dreams and achieve the fulfillment they deserve, a universal aspiration regardless of one's interests.

Digital fashion has the power to transform an unjust industry into a more equitable one.

Thus, if you are an aspiring designer, someone who has always dreamed of making a living in fashion, whether by becoming a designer at a prestigious fashion house or establishing your brand and legacy within the industry, I believe that now, more than ever, your opportunity may be on the horizon. Despite the current perceptions of digital fashion, I am genuinely convinced that it won't be long before it is simply regarded as fashion itself. Moreover, I envision a future when people think of fashion, digital fashion will be at the forefront of their minds. However, while this topic deserves further discussion, I will reserve it for another separate article. For now, I want to share my thoughts on what aspiring fashion designers should possess and prioritize to establish themselves and potentially breathe life into the next sought-after brand or “designer”.

In the past, and even today, traditional pathways to success in the fashion industry have often required financial resources, certifications, and connections, as mentioned earlier in this article. However, from my perspective, digital fashion has democratized the process. All you need, in my view, is a PC, a 3D software tool, and two equally vital qualities: perseverance and creativity.

Digital fashion encompasses clothing and accessories that exist solely within virtual environments ( for now ), typically created using 3D software such as CLO3D, Marvelous Designer, Blender, and others. Therefore, the necessity of a PC and a 3D software tool is undeniable.

Initially, especially if you are just beginning your journey in digital creation, your pieces may not embody as you initially envision them. Furthermore, even if your creations align with your vision from the outset ( although this is rare, not because it's undesired, but rather because it's a natural part of the growth process ), recognition may not be immediate. You may find that your work doesn't gain the exposure you desire, leaving you in obscurity. However, this is a temporary setback that can be overcome. With perseverance and a fervent passion for your craft, you must remain steadfast on your path. It's essential not to lose sight of your dream, even when faced with initial challenges or doubts. The beginning of your journey is not the moment to determine whether this path is right for you; it's a phase where persistence is essential. Thus, you must keep going, regardless of how daunting it may seem initially.

If you're familiar with my writings, particularly those revolving around digital fashion, you'll recognize these words: why confine ourselves to the limitations of physical laws and the human form when the digital realm offers boundless creative opportunities? In the realm of digital fashion, there are no constraints. I often say that only your imagination sets the boundaries. Whatever concept you envision for a garment can be brought to life—whether it's a sculpture, a painting, a building, a song, or any other form of expression. The possibilities are limitless.

I strongly believe that by pushing the boundaries of digital creativity, you're more likely to distinguish yourself. The more innovative and captivating your vision, the more attention it will garner. Utilizing creativity in your designs has the potential to disrupt the fashion industry. People are drawn to novelty and the unconventional, especially in fashion. What people cherish most is the opportunity to stand out, and what better way to achieve this than by wearing something entirely unprecedented or seemingly impossible to wear?

Therefore, to summarize, I sincerely believe that these four elements are essential pillars in the foundation of any aspiring fashion designer. Yet, I also believe that there is more each one of you can do to truly embark on the path and draw closer to becoming one of the future leaders in fashion.

One essential aspect, in my opinion, is to not be afraid to showcase your work. Your creations may not always meet your initial expectations. You might notice flaws or feel they aren't as impressive as others, but this should not stop you from sharing them. Firstly, I believe it's crucial to create primarily for yourself. Seeking external validation can hinder your ability to produce work that genuinely satisfies you. Secondly, it's important to share your work with others and be open to their feedback. Embrace constructive criticism as it's a valuable means of self-improvement. You needn't take every piece of feedback word by word; instead, absorb what resonates with you and your craft, and use it to evolve. However, the most crucial aspect is to create for yourself. Only then can you produce pieces that truly resonate. Trying to please everyone often results in pleasing no one—a common mistake, especially in the early stages. Instead, seek your someone, your tribe.

The tribes or communities one has been a part of have consistently led to not only collective but also individual growth. Therefore, I believe that establishing connections with other people, whether they are artists, brands, or even enthusiasts within the industry you aspire to build a future in, is essential. You never know how a simple connection might alter the course of your journey. Opportunities often arise unexpectedly from such connections, leading to new friendships and unforeseen pathways in your journey. Thus, I encourage you to join as many communities as possible, interact and engage with like-minded individuals, and above all, don't hesitate to support others, regardless of their position. By supporting others, you are, in essence, supporting yourself. Think about this!!!

Another important aspect that connections can lead to, and one that I would advise any artist, whether individual or representing a brand, to pursue is collaboration. Throughout history, collaborations have often resulted in the merging of two or more audiences, sparking the creation of innovative and unseen concepts. They have been instrumental in shaping trends that have captured the world's attention, generating excitement, exclusivity, and trust. Collaborations provide an opportunity to showcase different facets of your creativity as a creator, enrich your community, and potentially disrupt the fashion industry. Don't shy away from collaboration; seize any opportunity that comes your way.

In addition to these, in my opinion, essential elements, although there may be others I have overlooked, I urge you to follow the trailblazers leading the digital revolution in fashion. I recommend not only keeping up with The Fabricant's social media profiles (The Fabricant being the first digital-only fashion house and, in my opinion, one of the primary drivers of fashion's evolution) but also joining their Discord community. This platform could serve as your initial step in connecting with fellow creators and enthusiasts. It's a space where you can establish connections, receive feedback, explore collaboration opportunities, and access other resources to support you on your journey.

Daniella Loftus stands out as one of digital fashion's pioneers, and she unquestionably holds a pivotal role in the current landscape of digital fashion. If you're eager to delve deeper into the realm of digital fashion and witness its boundaries being pushed, she is a must-follow person.

In addition to Daniella Lofuts, I would also recommend following Stephy Fung, a digital fashion designer who has fully embraced the world of digital fashion. Stephy has not only established herself as a prominent digital designer but is also on the brink of launching her brand—a remarkable feat considering she began with no prior background in fashion. Through perseverance and creativity, she has risen to prominence. I highly recommend following her, as she generously shares valuable insights through her newsletter, YouTube channel, and other social media platforms. By following her social profiles, you can glean a wealth of knowledge about digital fashion.

While there are many other people and brands, like Alice Delahunt and SYKY, worthy of attention, listing them all here would be too much. I trust that you will discover the right ones for you—those who align most closely with your vision—through your own exploration.

As you may have realized from these words, the landscape of digital fashion, currently undergoing rapid evolution, offers each of us a chance to distinguish ourselves. It provides an opportunity for those with a desire to create, innovate, and leave an indelible mark on an industry that is constantly evolving. The democratization of fashion through digital platforms not only empowers individuals but also reshapes the very structure of the industry, disassembling barriers and ushering in a new generation of creators.

To all aspiring designers out there, I want to leave you with this thought: Embrace the digital evolution wholeheartedly, for within its realm lie endless possibilities waiting to be explored. Allow your creativity to flourish, let perseverance be your guide, and leverage your connections to propel you forward. Remember, in the world of digital fashion, the only limit is your imagination.

Therefore, dare to dream, dare to create, and dare to be the change you wish to see in the fashion industry.

Artist Spotlight


I've been keeping up with Tej for some time now, albeit indirectly—what we might not refer to as “following” in today's social media. However, it was only yesterday that I had the opportunity to hear directly from him, albeit briefly. Through a mutual and cherished connection I made on my journey, Zaal, some time ago, I came across a post about Tej's upcoming Twitter Spaces series titled EarCandy. His vision for it impressed me, and I eagerly anticipated witnessing its execution, which is why I've been attempting to join some of his spaces, even if only for a few minutes.

What truly resonates with me about this series is its dedication to education, catering to both artists and enthusiasts alike.

Over time, I've seen Tej engaging with many people whom I follow, and his interactions consistently showed genuineness. His kindness and warmth in these interactions have left a lasting impression on me.

I encourage you to follow Tej’s journey, as I believe he has a promising future, largely due to his passion, dedication to his craft, and his openness to learning and supporting others. I also open an invitation to attend one of his spaces whenever you can (they are hosted weekly, Monday through Friday), as it might be where you find illumination on topics related to music, NFTs, and their intersection, or simply where you create new friendships and enjoy a delightful hour!


“Year of the Dragon” - Ariadne
“Year of the Dragon” - Ariadne

Ariadne is a pioneering AI/digital fashion creator/brand that I had the honor to discover at the end of last year if I’m not mistaken. Since then, I've followed its journey, curious to explore more about the creations it brings to life and the vision it holds for fashion. I've been consistently impressed by the captivating creations it continues to share.

Ariadne exemplifies the possibilities that arise from the collaboration between AI and our creative minds. This collaboration yields creations that, while they may seem simple or insignificant to some now, will undoubtedly hold significant meaning with time. In my view, Ariadne stands as one of the trailblazers, alongside other digital/AI fashion creators I discuss in my writings, driving the digital evolution currently unfolding in the fashion industry. What captivates me most about their creations isn't just their aesthetic appeal, but also the depth of conceptualization evident in each piece—the intricate details woven into their designs.

If you think my words are merely rhetoric, I urge you to visit Ariadne's website, where you'll be enchanted by their artistry—I genuinely believe this; my initial reaction was simply “Wow”. However, I encourage you to delve beneath the surface to truly grasp the beauty of their creations.

Moreover, once you've experienced the artistry for yourself, I encourage you to follow Ariadne on social media ( Twitter or/and IG ). I firmly believe that's where you can immerse yourself more deeply in their journey. I extend this invitation because I'm convinced that this won't be the first or last time you'll encounter Ariadne's name in the context of the fashion landscape and beyond. And being early…you know how it goes…

Thank you for reading!


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